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IUI/Intrauterine Insemination

Acupuncture to improve intrauterine insemination success rate
Most patients end up using IUI fairly early in their fertility journey, especially when working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. While this is a necessary step for those utilizing donor sperm, the average couple does not benefit from it. The success rates for IUI are LOW overall, and I attribute this to a lack of diagnostics. You will not respond favorably if you haven't corrected any underlying conditions!

IUI/ Intrauterine Insemination

Treatment schedule:

Treatment ideally begins before menstruation starts of the cycle you plan on doing the IUI. This is in order to ensure the new lining has a clean base.

1. Cycle day 27, 28, or 29 (the cycle before scheduled IUI)

2. Cycle day 5, 6, or 7.

3. Cycle day 12 or 13

4. 5th day after IUI

Who Does It Help?:
Patients who are using IUI along with acupuncture will have the benefit of increasing local circulation and nutrition to the follicles and uterus.

This may be beneficial to those patients who have thin uterine linings, poor responders to follicle stimulation, or inconvenient side effects from their fertility medication. These side effects include bloating, headaches, and moodiness.

It is advised that you complete all labs prior to IUI to ensure best results. For patients with advanced maternal age or egg quality issues, it is advised that acupuncture treatment and supplements begin three months in advance. For male factor, it is advised that treatment and supplements begin for him at least 75 days in advance.