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FET/Frozen Embryo Transfer

Acupuncture for frozen embryo transfer
You'll start preparation for frozen embryo treatment before the cycle where the patient plans to transfer. If the patient has poor uterine blood flow via a doppler test (test available at CCRM,) then you can request to. modify the plan. In the case of uterine blood flow impedient, treatment is bi-weekly for five weeks before transfer. If you suspect you may have poor uterine blood flow, but have not got access to the test, there are other protocols available, as published by CCRM.
FET/Frozen Embryo Transfer
Treatment for FET begins before the menstrual cycle appears, the month before the transfer.
After the period, 3 acupuncture sessions are typically sufficient to ensure the uterine lining is adequate for transfer. Lining thickness is monitored through ultrasound. Unless the lining has reached a minimumof 9mm, additional acupuncture treatments are recommended.
ON the day OF transfer, before and after transfer, acupuncture is also recommended.