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Fertility Consultation Appointment

TeleMed consultation for infertility evaluation is available!

Getting Serious About Fertility Diagnostics

Purpose: evaluate medical history, establish a diagnosis, formulate a treatment plan for fertility optimization

This is an opportunity for the couple to learn how Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can help their unique situation, and lay the foundation for a healthy full-term pregnancy.

The fertility intake forms are a necessity in order for me to understand what your needs are, and how I can help you best.

While you do not need to have had every test on the intake form, an initial overview of your intake forms will allow me to see which tests are missing, and inform you on why you need them.

If you are already engaged in treatments like IUI or IVF, this will give you an opportunity to discuss how you might be able to improve the outcome of these treatments.

Comprehensive LAB TESTING is the foundation for creating a meaningful treatment plan. After many hours invested in continuing education on this subject, and clinical experience working with one of the top fertility clinics in the country, I have learned that comprehensive lab testing will typically reveal more than one obstacle. It is quite common to see couples arrive with virtually no diagnostic information. Its no wonder that the doctor prescribed medications and IUIs have very low success rates, without the diagnostics and corrections ahead of that, there is not a good foundation on which to build.

Generic fertility treatments that have missed the DIAGNOSIS are the most frustrating for all concerned. Time and resources are often totally wasted without adequate investigation of diagnostic parameters.

Lab testing reveals where improvements are essential to attain optimal fertility.