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IVF Prep

Acupuncture, to support IVF prep Ideally, IVF prep begins with accurate diagnostics, in order to get everything in order before ovary stimulation begins. This includes choosing the correct supplements (and dosages), increasing blood flow to the ovaries, and having confidence going into your cycle that you have done everything possible to prepare.
It advised that you plan for a three month course (or three cycles) of treatment in order to have a positive impact on egg quality. For men, expext a minimum of 75 days for sperm turnover to improve quality. Nutrition and lifestyle factors have a significant impact on overall health and fertility. While you don't need to schedule acupuncture visits on specific days, once to twice a week treatment is optimal.

IVF Prep

Treatment sequence and frequency:
Beginning three cycles before IVF cycle, ideally.

Weekly or bi weekly treatment according to how much time we have before the IVF drugs will begin:

Who does it help?
- Advanced maternal age patients with diminished ovarian reserve or concerns with poor egg quality.

- Patients who need to lose or gain weight (nutritional guidance specific to a patient’s individual concerns).

- Emotionally sensitive patients who are worried or stressed.

- Patients seeking to minimize the use of western pharmaceutical drugs which may interfere with fertility (including but not limited to antidepressants).

- Identification and correction of critical nutritional deficiencies that may negatively impact IVF outcomes.

- Increase blood flow to ovaries in order to improve the quality of the developing follicles.

- Normalization of reproductive hormones, repair of hormonal damage done by repeated failed cycles of fertility drugs.

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