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Preliminary Diagnostics and Second Opinion Fertility Evaluation
Acupuncture options in Cleveland
comprehensive testing and lab interpretation

Many patients come to my fertility acupuncture practice after doing bloodwork and labs, believing they have had "all the tests." But they still don't understand what might be wrong.

After a few cycles of drugs and IUIs, many wonder why nothing is working if everything is normal.

Despite what the patient believes, local area doctors typically don't perform comprehensive diagnostics. Yet, they will prescribe medications and costly procedures, without this information.

Opinions concerning lab results vary widely from doctor to doctor as well.

In my clinic, standards for labs are based on recently published guidelines and peer reviewed literature.

The truth is that infertility is rarely unexplained. You may not have had the specific tests you needed to show why you are struggling with fertility, or the interpretation of your lab results may have been ignored in favor of promoting procedures that monetize the situation for the clinic. It's as sad, and simple as that.

I provide second opinions and fertility evaluations for those who seek more information about what they can do to optimize their fertility. This includes:

  • Comprehensive testing
  • Lab interpretation
  • Actionable directives according to diagnosis (supplements and dietary suggestions)
  • Referral to appropriate and cooperative
    co treating doctors (endocrinologist, urologist, etc.)