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Natural Conception

Acupuncture methods for natural conception

Many patients have been trying to conceive (TTC) for quite some time, and are often frustrated. They've usually gone through many procedures and drugs (but usually not enough labwork.)
I make a careful assessment to discover what "could be better".It is important to get cooperation from both participants. There are a lot of at-home test kits you can take for insights on sperm quality, ovulation, progesterone, etc.. I often utilize basal body temperature (BBT) graphing and have over 20 years of experience interpreting this data. This will often offer more insights than you ever knew possible.

Natural Conception

Treatment frequency:
Acupuncture treatment is typically weekly, in accordance with the patient who already has 28-30 day cycles.

Phase 1: Cycle day 5, 6, or 7
Phase 2: Cycle day 12, 13, or 14
Phase 3: 6 or 7 days past positive ovulation predictor test (opk)
Phase 4: Cycle day 27, 28, or 29

(Treatment is biweekly for amenorrhea/PCOS, until cycle is established)

Included with the acupuncture treatment:

-Dietary counseling and supplement advice
-Basal body temperature monitoring and diagnosis
-Advice on specific lab testing or clinical procedures that might reveal additional diagnostic insights

Who does it help?
- Women who want to try to conceive on their own without pursuing “medicalized conception” (drugs and procedures) for health, moral, or financial reasons.

- Women who are burnt out on doctor initiated treatments or have been labeled “poor responders”, or “unexplained infertility”, or who have observed their physical and/or emotional health has declined as byproduct of fertility treatments offered by their doctor.

- Women who want to take control of their fertility personally by contributing to their own wellness as a primary strategy for conception.