New Patient Details

Preparation for the Day of Your Scheduled Appointment
Acupuncture moves a lot of energy in your body. You should have something to eat within two hours of your scheduled appointment time so your body has energy to move. If you can’t have a meal, a nutritious snack is OK. A bag of chips and a can of pop does not count as a nutritious snack.

Most treatments do not require the removal of any clothing. If you are being treated for something like knee, shoulder or elbow pain, wear clothing that will allow access to those areas such as shorts, baggy pants and tank tops. No matter what you are being treated for, it is advisable to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

The Tongue
Additionally, if you are being treated for anything other than a simple orthopedic matter, please do NOT brush or scrape the coating from your tongue on that day. Tongue analysis is one of the unique aspects of Oriental medical diagnosis, and seeing the tongue in its natural state will greatly assist me in establishing a treatment strategy.

The typical visit for acupuncture treatment is scheduled for 60 min. The fist 20 minutes will be spent in review of your condition, and progress since your last visit.

Because patients are often scheduled back to back, it is important to start and end on time. If you will be late to your appointment, please check in by calling the office to let us know. If you have time constraints, please state them at the beginning of your appointment.

You will optimize your office visit  by coming to your initial appointment prepared with the appropriate downloaded and completed forms. If you have forgotten your medical history form one can be provided for you, however this may shorten your scheduled treatment time.

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to your appointment, however, we have a very small waiting area, and it must remain quiet.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Well behaved children are always welcome in the office.

How Many Treatments Will It Take?
This is difficult to answer since there are several mitigating factors. The duration of the illness, i.e. how long you have had the problem, and the relative strength of the patient are the first variables to be considered. Other factors which may inhibit progress can be dietary indiscretions, chronic emotional or physical stress, etc. Generally there is improvement within 3 to 4 treatments. Often treatments need to be spaced close together (2 to 3 times per week) to see improvement in the beginning. As cases begin to improve, treatment frequency can be tapered off. My job as an acupuncturist is often the easiest part of the equation. Every patient will be advised on whatever area of their life that needs to be considered in order for them to find the harmonious balance which is the path to true health and longevity.

There are other professionals in a variety of disciplines available to assist you which I may recommend. A list of preferred medical doctors, psychologists, massage therapists, physical therapists and energy healers personally selected by me will be made available to patients on an as needed basis. With a patient’s express permission, an interdisciplinary effort can be made, ensuring efficient care.