Men’s Fertility

Cost: $100 per treatment
Optimal Treatment Schedule: biweekly for 10 weeks
Male factor infertility is an oft neglected, yet improvable diagnosis that is treatable with acupuncture and supplementation. Because locally accessible sperm analysis reports are incomplete in their scope due to unavailability of comprehensive testing, it is strongly encouraged that during the pursuit of conception, all men participate in taking a basic supplement program for optimization. This basic supplement list is available to all men who are taking part in the couple’s fertility consult appointment.

Lifestyle factors are emphasized as a foundation to sperm parameter improvements.

CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) offers comprehensive testing beyond the standard sperm analysis, including tests for DNA fragmentation, ANA, and genetic factors.

Acupuncture and supplement lists for men diagnosed with male factor, whether sperm morphology abnormalities, count, or any of the other measurable factors will be addressed in a customized fashion.