Ovulation Chart, BBT Charting

Please register at this site (fertilityfriend.com) to keep track of BBT temperature and the time they were taken.  Submit your login information to Anne, either via email or on your intake form.  You do not need a special thermometer, but you do need to use the same one consistently.

  1. Take the temperature every morning at exactly the same time, if you oversleep or get up earlier than usual,  you must post this in the notes.
  2. You must have been asleep at least 2 hours for the temperature to be valid.
  3. Make a notation if you are ill, drank alcohol, or got up during the night.

 BBT charts are an invaluable way in helping to decide what course of treatment we need to take, adjusting treatment days to optimize fertility potential, and fine tuning the diet.

A major part of reaching fertility potential is to get the ovulation chart to conform to a pattern which is optimal for conception.

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