Fertility Treatment Schedule

Fertility treatment schedule for general fertility patients is as follows:
(please note CD 1 denotes your first day of menstrual bleeding, not spotting)
typically four treatments per month

You may begin treatment on any of the days listed below

Natural unassisted cycle:

1. CD 5,6,or 7   <nourish follicles, increase uterine blood flow

2. CD 12, 13, or 14  < initiate ovulation

3. CD 20, 21, 22    <implantation, move blood, support luteal phase temperatures

4. CD 27, 28, 29, 30    <efficient flushing of uterine lining, premenstrual symptom treatment

Treatment schedule for patients in IUI cycle:

1. CD 4,5,6   <nourish follicles, increase uterine blood flow, support liver and reduce toxic drug side effects

report your ultrasound findings to me typically CD 10, 11

2. the day before IUI, typically CD 12, 13   <calm uterus, support liver and reduce toxic drug side effects

3. 5 days past IUI  < implantation

Treatment schedule for IVF

1. CD 3, 4 <bring blood flow to

Note: It is highly recommended that IVF patients especially began a sequence of general treatments 90 days/3 cycles prior to the begiining of an IVF cycle to insure egg quality and that other issues have been addressed

1. CD 3, 4 <bring blood flow to uterus, follicles

report ultrasound findings: follicle count and size, estrogen levels, lining thickness measurement

2. CD  7, 8  <same as above, additonal treaments possibily necessary depending on progress of the cycle, consult with practitioner

3. Transfer day < before and after transfer treatments, within 24 hours of procedure, calm uterus for implantation


* If you have PCOS,  are annovulatory, or have an irregular cycle that is long or short, this may impact the actual treatment schedule. The above is simply a reference point, please consult the practitoner for individual recommendations.

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