Anne on Womens’ Fertility

Many people who have found their way here have already been through the medical mill with doctors and other health care providers. Rarely is my office the first stop for fertility, but hopefully, it is the last. I am proud to say I have had the privilege of helping many couples build their families, with many repeat customers.

For the past 18 years or so, I have devoted a tremendous part of my medical practice to fertility, including repairing the damage done to body and soul by fertility drugs, aggressive and expensive medical treatments, and the accompanying sense of victimization, frustration and loss associated with such.

A good part of my job is rallying the spirit of patients on an emotional level to believe in the restorative power of nature, and their own inherent ability to heal themselves by practicing GOOD health habits. The emotional toll of disappointment is often disruptive hormonally as well as socially…

It is my experience that every aspect of one’s being must be considered and coordinated to provide a platform of strength from which fertility potential can be realized. I have seen miracles happen, small and large over the years — there isn’t much I haven’t seen.

I have learned that by and large, most people who won’t take no for an answer, and are willing to do the work, do in fact succeed in having a baby. This sometimes requires an about face of lifestyle, priorities, and trying new things. It also requires taking a leap of faith that I know what I am talking about! A look at the bulletin boards of baby pictures and the notecards pinned to the office wall are my best reference. I do no advertising, so if you found your way this far, chances are you know someone I worked with or found me on the internet. I have owned the name Cleveland Acupuncture since 2000, and my rank is high on Google because I have been doing this a long time.

I think of the fertility journey as a joint effort. I am one of your guides on the journey, and if nothing else, the process requires audience participation.

If you are expecting me to just stick you with needles to make things happen, I assure you that your personal effort to comply with my suggestions will be equally, if not more important than your actual acupuncture treatment..

I think the reason I am so successful with fertility, even with the difficult cases, is that I am extremely thorough in my approach. You will not get this level of care or monitoring at the local hospitals offering acupuncture. Even if the acupuncturists at the hospital wellness departments knew what to do, and when, the corporate structure within they are practicing does not allow for comprehensive care.

The goal at hospital clinic is simple relaxation, so as not to compete with your doctor’s treatment protocol. While the relaxation response is an important aspect, there really is SO much more!

While part of my practice is supporting patients undergoing fertility treatments, if at all possible I strive to see pregnancy occur by bypassing drugs and procedures, in favor of a more natural approach. If you are absolutely requiring IVF, I offer an IVF “bootcamp” program, and often those labeled poor responders previously, will find success through systematic guided preparation beforehand, in addition to the pre and post IVF acupuncture that has been touted in medical studies…

I will teach you what you need to know to optimize your fertility, monitor your progress, or alter the course if there is lack of progress.

If we both do our job, and give it our best effort, together we can make it happen.