FET Frozen Embryo Transfer
Treatment is weekly, beginning the cycle before transfer and every third to fourth day during the transfer cycle. On transfer day, treatment is before and after transfer.

Who Does It Help?
-Failed live transfer after IVF
-Pregenetically tested frozen embryo transfer
-Donor embryo

Patients who are requesting supportive care towards having a frozen transfer are encouraged to start treatment the cycle BEFORE the planned transfer. This gives us time to check many of the basic vitamin levels and other hormonal aspects that exert a profound impact on the probability of successful implantation and a resultant healthy pregnancy, and baby.
In addition, uterine blood flow and lining factors are positively influenced by acupuncture and auxiliary therapies that a patient can do at home. The quality and integrity of the uterine lining is critical to implantation. By starting treatment at least the cycle before transfer, there is an opportunity to correct and optimize your potential for success.