Fertility Testimonials

The following testimonials from Anne’s patients are for informational purposes only. Everybody responds to acupuncture differently. Your results may vary.

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I wanted to let you know I’M PREGNANT! I can’t thank you enough for your help. This was only the second try this time and our first try this round with acupuncture. We were totally amazed to get the good news. I am a true believer in acupuncture!! After my two experiences with you I would recommend you to ANYONE! Just to remind you of my journey the first time around…I had tried 12 cycles of IUI with no success. I came to you as I was preparing for IVF. I had read so much about how acupuncture can raise the success rates with IVF and at the point I was ready to try anything. I visited you a number of times in both Cleveland and Youngstown. I was disappointed when I didn’t produce enough eggs to go forward with IVF. My cycle was dropped to an IUI, my 13th! I was not very optimistic. I did the IUI, waited the almost 2 weeks, and went in for a blood test. I got the call about an hour later. I was pregnant!!! The ONLY thing different about that cycle than the 12 before was that I started seeing you. I now have an amazing 17 month old son! So in total with both tries I’ve done 15 IUIs! I got pregnant on 2 of those cycles…both were the cycles I did acupuncture with you.

Thanks again!
Sincerely, Talia


My husband and I highly recommend Anne Kinchen’s services to anyone considering acupuncture. The key to a successful treatment plan is to follow the complete regimen that Anne prescribes pertaining to your situation. In our case we saw her for infertility services. Anne told us that we needed to completely adjust our diet and lifestyle. We cut white flour, wheat, sugar, dairy and soy from our diets and began a regular exercise routine along with weekly acupuncture appointments. We also converted to a completely green lifestyle and ate all organic foods. This process took 10 months, but it worked!!!!! After 6 years of failed infertility treatments such as invitro fertilization amongst other things……we finally conceived NATURALLY!!! I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant!!! We feel very blessed to have discovered Anne Kinchen’s services and I’m very happy to recommend her to anyone.
Colleen & Christian, Medina, OH

Dear Anne,

I wanted to take a moment and relay to you our joyous news! We are expecting! After years of “trying” God has finally answered our prayers. It truly is a miracle! I am 41 and due in April of 2009! We spent several years agonizing over our diagnosis of “unexplained” infertility. We wasted time and money at UH and were heartbroken when we were told once I turned forty that I was too old and my eggs were too old (although my eggs were high quality). We were told to close the book on our dreams of having our own children. However, I knew that was not what God had put on my heart. I did not give up. Even when we did not have the money to pursue our dream I stuck with it. I left no stone unturned, so to speak. I discovered an article on acupuncture on the internet. I eventually got my hands on Randine Lewis’ book on acupuncture and conception. I asked UH about acupuncture but they were somewhat indifferent. Thankfully, a friend referred me to you, Anne. I believe that God was the first piece in the puzzle. Your advice on nutrition and the acupuncture were the second piece of the puzzle and Santamonica Fertility Clinic and Dr. John Jain was the third piece.

My spouse and I spoke to Dr. Jain by phone back in March of 2008. Like I said, I had left every stone unturned. I knew of every doctor and upcoming cutting edge procedure still waiting to be approved by the FDA and those still in experimental phases. Guess what, Dr. Jain also knew each procedure and cutting edge doctor. He is one of those cutting edge doctors (no pun intended). He explained to me why I would be a better candidate for ZIFT.

I am convinced that he is the best at what he does. I truly believe we were led to him by divine providence. Even when UH and the Cleveland Clinic said that ZIFT was outdated — my heart told me that what Doctor Jain said made sense. So, we went to our church and asked two very anointed ladies to pray for us and then we got on the plane.

I urge anyone who has had multiple IVF’s and failed and is over the age of 35 to consult with Dr. Jain. I am so glad we did. He was informative and reassuring. His staff was caring and kind and encouraging. I told my husband that I would do it all over again if I had to (this was before we knew we were expecting). So, if you are reading this letter and you are being discouraged by what the doctors are saying, please call Dr. Jain. If you would like to speak to me in more detail, have Anne leave me your name and number and I will get back to you immediately. Don’t let anyone crush your dreams. Check out Santamonicafertility.com and good luck!

Sincerely, E.M.

My Journey with Acupuncture

I always had this image in my mind of huge summer gatherings with friends, our children running through the grass, my only concerns were did I have enough sun block and would they wear themselves out enough (and sleep early) so we could open that last bottle of wine and have ADULT CONVERSATION finally!

Reality was different. I had 2 blocked fallopian tubes that subsequently needed to be removed and that was only after 3 IUI’s. I was now part of the infertility club. A club that banned you from baby showers and friends joyous announcements of conception. A club that required tears at the sighting of pregnant women.

I ventured into my first IVF round fearful, yet blissfully unaware of my future. On my first round they collected 12 eggs and by day three I had one embryo of B quality. It did not take, and frankly I was shocked, dear god we spent a fortune and you mean to tell me I have nothing?

They suggested we try again. Round two they again collected 12 eggs, on day three we had 4 embryos but only two were viable. Once again a negative pregnancy test. By now I had started telling anyone who would listen, our IVF saga, hoping someone would have my missing answer.

One day my friend Amy who had just suffered a miscarriage mentioned that she had been seeing a woman in Berkeley (we lived in Oakland , CA ) who specialized in acupuncture and Chinese herbs for fertility. I made a mental note and ordered my third triple espresso from Starbucks. Later that month another acquaintance mentioned she too had seen Leslie and had just given birth to her first child at 43. This was something I could no longer ignore.

I met with our fertility doctor in San Francisco who basically told me my egg quality was poor and that I would never conceive. So for our third IVF attempt we used my sister’s eggs, she was 10 years younger and already had 2 children, a sure thing!! We collected 14 eggs and had 5 embryos. Six weeks before the cycle began I started treatment with Leslie. It was the most amazing experience, she was on my side and I was no longer a number being pushed through the IVF madness. I received acupuncture every week as well as taking Chinese herbs. I also had treatment the day before, of and after the embryo transfer. I was banned from caffeine as well as milk. And for the first time in 18 months was pregnant. Sadly it was only a chemical pregnancy.

We moved to Ohio and I opted to receive treatment in London , England . My fourth cycle I decided not to do acupuncture, we retrieved 12 eggs and had only 2 embryos, it was beginning to look like a pattern, and not one I liked. I called Leslie in California who immediately shipped me more herbs and found myself an acupuncturist in London , who communicated with Leslie via e-mail.

My fifth cycle was wonderful; I had acupuncture once a week stayed on my herbs and had 18 eggs retrieved. Out of the 18, 15 fertilized. We froze five and grew 10 onto Blastocysts (something that had never been possible for me). On day five we transferred 3 Blastocysts. I was again pregnant. I miscarried at 8 weeks due to chromosomal errors in the embryo. It was the worst and best experience of my life; I had seen my child and her heartbeat. At least we knew I could carry a baby.

The sixth IVF cycle we again followed the acupuncture and herb therapy. Again we had fabulous results that gave us 3 more Blastocysts and a positive pregnancy test. By the 5th week I had miscarried.

For our last trip to London (round seven) to retrieve the frozen embryos I began to use Anne and once again felt that warm connection. You need people in your life that can understand this journey and have the ability to just sit with you and hold your hand.

We have completed our eighth and final round with donated embryos (ours just had too much attitude). These past couple months of treatment have been wonderful, I am always amazed at how Anne can read my body and set me straight. I can honestly say I would not be pregnant right now if it weren’t for Anne’s treatment, friendship and those fabulous ginger cookies!!!

If your goal is to have a child, what are you willing to do to insure the best possible outcome? It’s not only a prenatal vitamin, or avoiding unpasteurized cheese. It’s lining your body up, and preparing your uterus for this fabulous journey. It’s also a process, I had to learn to give up some control and let my body heal. I’m only sorry I didn’t follow good advice sooner.

“We have completed our eighth and final round with donated embryos. These past couple months of treatment have been wonderful, I am always amazed at how Anne can read my body and set me straight. I can honestly say I would not be pregnant right now if it weren’t for Anne’s treatment, friendship and those fabulous ginger cookies!!!

If your goal is to have a child, what are you willing to do to insure the best possible outcome? It’s not only a prenatal vitamin, or avoiding unpasteurized cheese. It’s lining up your body, and preparing your uterus for this fabulous journey. It’s also a process. I had to learn to give up some control and let my body heal. I’m only sorry I didn’t follow good advice sooner.”

— D.D., Cleveland, OH

“I was ovulating sporadically and did not like the side effects of Clomid so I decided to try alternative methods. My periods were very long with lots of spotting, cramping and headaches. I would spot for three days, stop a day, bleed two very heavily and spot another six days. Anne treated me for one month with acupuncture. After four treatments, I had my first normal period ever in my life, only lasting five days. I had no cramping or headaches. I became pregnant during the next cycle — thanks to Anne.”

— T.G., Cleveland, OH

“My husband and I had been given a success rate of perhaps 5-6% with Intra Uterine Insemination. (IUI) The success rate with IVF would have been around 20%, but at a cost of $12,000 per cycle, and the discomforts associated with many hormone injections, we decided to try the IUI several times first.

More and more things started to happen that encouraged me to seek out Anne Kinchen’s help. The day of my endometrial biopsy I happened to have lunch at the cafe below her office and saw her sign; a few weeks later I opened a local magazine and saw an article on Anne; and later, I found Randine Lewis’ The Infertility Cure, which covers the TCM approach to infertility.

I made an appointment with Anne. The entire experience was pleasant. Occasionally when a needle went in, I’d feel a little pinch, but nothing like what you might expect from an intramuscular injection. And for the most part, it was completely painless and even relaxing. I had a treatment before the IUI and a second a week or so afterward.

We are now expecting our first child!”

— C.B. Cleveland, OH

“Thank you, Anne.

I want to let others know that without your help I would not have gotten pregnant. I had been through several IUI trials and had been pregnant once but the baby died in utero at 17 weeks. IVF was the next step according to western medicine. At the time, I was a busy resident physician and just did not have energy to invest in this process. So I looked for alternatives. I found out somehow about acupuncture and met Anne. At first her rules seemed overwhelming to me… lots of new diet tips for avoiding regular foods that had been mainstays for me. I was advised to eliminate wheat and milk for 6 months. Dietary supplements like fish oil and zinc. I was to schedule daily rest and relaxation (very hard.) I began weekly acupuncture which became expensive but in retrospect was worth the price. I began daily meditation and self mayan abdominal massage. I was so frustrated after 3 years of trying to get pregnant that the slow process of Eastern fertility treatments seemed difficult at first. There were not any real measurements like ovarian follicle size, endometrial strip etc. However, I began to feel so much better. My energy was improved and I lost 10 lbs from the diet restrictions ( organic, hormone free, no straight sugar, no caffeine). My periods got shorter in length and had the bright red blood that Anne told me was normal. I began my treatments with her in January and we moved to a new city in June. I was pregnant in August. We miscarried that baby but then I got pregnant again in the fall and now we have a beautiful perfect daughter. I did not need to have IVF and my health has been improved from her advice and treatment. My recommendation for most people is to follow her advice for at least six months before you say it will not work. (If you have an anatomy problem it might not be possible.)”

— Name withheld