Fertility Consult Appt.

Cost: $100 per person
Duration:  2 hours
Purpose: evaluate medical history, establish diagnosis, formulate treatment plan

The fertility consult appointment ideally is attended by both partners.
This session is an opportunity for the couple to learn how Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can help your unique situation, and lay the foundation for a healthy full term pregnancy.
We will evaluate  fertility and general health of both parties, including interpretation of lab tests, AND MAKE suggestions for tests that might be missing which could contribute to sub optimal fertility.
This two hour session will result in a document sent as an email after the appointment that will serve as an initial treatment plan, including applicable dietary suggestions, a supplement list based on your unique situation, suggestions for additional tests if needed, and other useful information.

How to prepare for the consult appointment:

Each person completes a general medical history form, a gender specific fertility form, and a three day diet diary.
If you have basal body temperature graphs, upload the last three months to www.fertilityfriend.com. register for a free account at fertilityfriend from a desktop computer in order to record and share login and password with me. BBT graphs are very valuable for diagnostic purposes

FAQ:My diagnosis is”unexplained infertility”, how will this consult appointment benefit me?

Anne: Clinical experience has to proven to me that there is almost never “unexplained infertility”!
It is more often that comprehensive diagnostic labs have not been done, in combination with a lack of examination of important lifestyle factors.
Clinical experience has borne this out time and again! Read the google reviews!
Taking multiple rounds of fertility drugs and subjecting yourself to what might be unnecessary procedures wastes time, money, and worst of all  lowers morale, leaving patients disheartened and feeling victimized. This appointment will give you a better understanding of how you can contribute to the process and a list of realistic measures you can implement to have a healthy, full term pregnancy.
Careful review of your medical history will allow me to formulate a written plan of action after your consult, that may include supplements, dietary changes, or additional testing to identify factors that were not considered by your physician.

FAQ: Only one of us has been identified as having a fertility problem, do both parties have to attend this conference?

Anne: Facing the challenges of  fertility issues takes a toll on one’s emotional well being, including the health of the relationship, no matter which party (and frequently it is both) needs to improve their status.
Getting support from your partner is very important, along with both parties’ awareness of food and lifestyle issues that may be hijacking your success. Since a discussion about these factors, in particular around food is critical, its suggested that both parties attend the consult appointment.
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and in a long term effort, its important that everybody puts in their best effort in a team-like fashion.

FAQ: I am taking fertility drugs and doing procedures already. How will this appointment benefit me?

Anne: If you have already completed a few rounds of drugs, or drugs with UI’s, without success, I encourage patients to take a break and allow me to re-evaluate their fertility potential in all aspects.
Suggestions may be made about additional lab work or monitoring during the iui cycle, in order to gauge your response to these drugs.
Treatment with acupuncture during the medicated cycle and at implantation MAY also help.
It takes three menstrual cycles/90 days to improve egg quality, as a woman has three stages of eggs maturing inside her at any given time.
For men, sperm turn over time is 75 days.
Since fertility drugs have cumulative negative side affects, some of them long term, it is my opinion that everything should be sorted out BEFORE using them!.
After a consult appointment, many couples elect to take a break from these treatments in order to optimize their fertility potential, and then resume your treatment with their doctor later, depending on their diagnosis.
If you are already in an IVF cycle, please refer to the IVF support page.