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The following acupuncture reviews from Anne’s patients are for informational purposes only. Everybody responds to acupuncture differently. Your results may vary.

“I went to see Anne for the common problems associated with the onset of menopause. I’ve experienced a cessation of the symptoms as well as an overall change in my general health and wellness.”

— Karen O., Medina, OH

“I consulted with Anne due to health issues associated with fibromyalgia. She helped me:

1. recognize those foods that help my body heal,
2. determine what types of exercise are best for me
3. experience relief from pain with acupuncture.

In addition, she was able to identify an underlying condition in me which explained several seemingly unrelated symptoms I had been experiencing for some time. This has been quite a relief since conventional (western) medicine couldn’t find anything wrong with me.”

— P.H. Girard, OH.

“I had several appointments with Anne and was very satisfied with my results. I had sleep problems which were helped by acupuncture. I also had tendonitis in both forearms. After one treatment, my pain was lessened by 75 percent. One more treatment and it was gone.”

–Vickie R., Newburgh Heights, OH

“During my 12-year struggle with chronic insomnia, I consulted numerous doctors (including physicians at two Cleveland Sleep Centers) and ingested various anti-anxiety and anti-depressants to help me “sleep.” I had lost all hope of any relief when I was guided to Anne two years ago. As a result of acupuncture treatments and education in Chinese medicine, I’ve eliminated the use of these drugs and continue to enjoy improved quantity and quality sleep. I’ve also discontinued medication for hypothyroidism and natural HRT supplementation associated with the symptoms of perimenopause. Anne emphasizes the necessity of patient participation in one’s healing process. This is not only appreciated but refreshing to those of us who grew up with western medicine philosophy. This alternative approach supports my personal commitment to improving my physical, mental and spiritual well being.”

— J.K., Westlake, OH

“I started seeing Anne for hot flashes and heavy bleeding during menstruation. The hot flashes have disappeared and at times I’ve even had to turn off the AC in the house. This was something that would have NEVER happened before I started seeing Anne. My periods are much better than they have been and don’t last the whole seven days that they used to. I’m no longer dreading menopause; with Anne’s help I’ll get through it.”

— Debbie W., Canfield, OH

“I came to Anne for a severe acne problem. I had already seen many dermatologists and none of the treatments tried had worked. Anne was able to dramatically improve my skin condition in a matter of a few months. Thanks, Anne!”

— Cici, Shaker Heights, OH

“I came to Anne with a history of chronic constipation. I had tried everything to overcome the problem, alternative measures as well as the “tried and true” methods. Nothing worked long term, and frankly, I was tired of trying to find a cure. Then, a nasty sinus infection hit. I used to get those pretty chronically as well. Along with ear issues. Oh, I mustn’t forget the ovarian cyst that cropped up as well. The sinus infection finally made me pick up the phone, see Anne.

I walked out of her office feeling better than I had in days. Infection gone, bowels began moving within days of treatment. I immediately made all the dietary restrictions necessary, which included no dairy, no wheat, less sugar, warm foods, spicy foods. No problem there. I felt better, why NOT continue with the program. The big surprise was how wonderful it felt to eliminate on a daily basis. That’s never happened with me! And then, lo and behold, I lost 10 pounds. That was not even on my radar of goals, but a nice surprise. My total treatment time was about 7 weeks.

All in all, I am so pleased with my experiences with Anne and her needles. She’s a wonderful person who truly cares about people’s health. Take her suggestions to heart, and you will achieve great results. I certainly did. And the weight has stayed off. And I eat chocolate weekly.”

— S.G. Cleveland, OH